Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look at me GO

Now that the baby is a little older, I am finally able to get some things done! It also helps that school is out, and I am a stay at home mom for the summer. Yesterday I had one of those days again where I went to town! It started off in the AM when I decided my fridge was full and I needed to cook some things before they go bad. So, I cooked 2 home made pizzas for dinner to use up the veggies, cheese, etc....Then, I chopped up the Rhubarb I got at the farm stand and made my dad 3 Rhubarb pies for his birthday ( it's a tradition, nobody else makes the man these pies). Somewhere in between, I did 2 loads of laundry, ran errands ( returned bottles, dropped off something at the Docs, went to LNT for a rug for my porch, and AC Moore to get stencil paint). Then, after dinner, I finally spent time organizing and pricing items for the garage sale next weekend. Finally, at around 9:30, I spent an hour stenciling Miranda's room while she is at camp.

What a great day! It's starting to feel like I actually live here now that I have time to decorate, antique, and plan the kitchen remod. Let's hope for another day today as productive.

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