Friday, January 14, 2005

That wan Then, this is Now

That was then..... Posted by Hello

This photo was taken in 1981. I am the one decked out like an Army General in the back row. Troop 592, from Cedarville, Ny, Foothills Council. Our leader's name was Rose Gala. What a neat lady. I always hoped that I would have a daughter some day that wanted to be a Girl Scout. I had such a great time as one from first grade, through eighth grade. I never imagined that I would be the leader.
When I searched for a troop in our area, all I found was a waiting list of 80 girls waiting for people to volunteer to lead troops. You see, there were girls, but nobody stepped up to the plate to start troops. I am so proud of Sandi and I stepping up and leading the 12 little girls that belong to and love our troop. These little girls will have the same found memories that I have and will learn some great things along the way.
Rose Gala used to carry this bag bursting with her files, her craft supplies, her first aid kit, and her leader books. It's funny that now some 24 years later, the leader bag I carry looks so familiar. Thank you Rose, for all you did for the girls that used to meet at the Cedarville Fire House afterschool. I'm sure I am not the only one who took away things that made me the woman I am now.

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