Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Emotional Eminem

I was driving home from class last night when I heard the new song Eminem wrote to his daughter, Hayley. I can't believe I was actually crying. Over Eminen!!! He has really evolved as an artist. I couldn't stand him when he broke on the scene. I thought he was a bad role model and I hated that everyother word had to be bleeped out.
He has come a long way. When he started poking fun at himself and cleaning up the language, I have grown fond of him. I appreciate his struggles and all that he went through. I really appreciate what he is saying to his daughter and how he seems to be doing right by her. I have met so many kids at my new elementary school that have parents that are not just dysfunctional, but outright neglectful. Resources are limited, yet they have 6-8 more kids. Kids that don't have beds, that are so neglected that they pee themselves in school and that are so poor that all they got for Christmas was shoes from a social worker. If Eminem has made it out of his poverty, his white trash life style, neglectful mom, and came out with better parenting skills, maybe there's hope for the kids I am working with??? Maybe they can be the ones that make it? I'm not talking Rap Star making it, I am talking good parent and member of society making it.

Never in a million years would I have thought Eminem would instill hope in me. Of course, I never thought I would shed a tear over one of his songs, either. I hope that he continues to be the dad that apparently he never had and to give his children a better life than he had, and I don't just mean the material needs. I am impressed with him. As a counselor, I obviously have faith that people can overcome, and that people can change. Thanks for the good example Marshall Mathers. Rap on.

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Sandi said...

You were pregnant when Eminem made you cry! :)