Thursday, January 13, 2005

Coming Out of the Dark

I feel like clebrating! Like doing virtual backflips and cartwheels. After 1 trojan virus, 2 weeks of trying to fix my computer and finally doing a factory reinstall, and the past 4 days of reloading and updating everything, I feel like I am back in the land of the living.
It's funny how I have only had a computer for 7 years, but being without it for a couple days was excruciating. I wasn't able to blog, to create, to do simple things like write my parent letter for my Brownie troop. After the re-install, it was particulary difficult. I am OCD, I like things a certain way. I am the girl that has my desktop icons in a certain order and I know if they get messed with. I couldn't sleep until my computer was returned to the exact way I had it.
The good thing is, that the trojan didn't get me. I re-emerged with a better, stronger, smarter, more efficient system. When I reloaded everything, I went online and got all the updates. I set everything up to auto update and auto scan. If I had software that I really didn't use before, I didn't reload it. I feel like my computer is in better shape now. Even though it's only 10 months old, it had a lot of outdated stuff that came factory installed.
So, it's great to be back!!! Now I need to focus on getting a new digital camera, now that mine bit the dust. I can tell you one thing, it WON'T be a Kodak. They can kiss my megapixels.

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Sandi said...

Welcome back ! You are soooo funny. This site is really good. I'm glad you can keep it going.