Saturday, January 15, 2005

Get AWAY from my computer NOW!

I am so grumpy about all the unaothorized activity on my computer. After the whole Trojan, I have tightened up my computer's security like Fort Knox. Even still, I am getting pings on my firewall, other computers trying to access my files, and , AND after all this, I find a CWS Trojan during my daily spyware scan. SAD! I have to scan for virus and spyware daily. My internet activity, although daily, is limited to a few things. I have a Mom's message board that I am a member of, a few blogs I read daily, a couple favorite shopping sites ( Old Navy, JCP, Barnes and Noble), and occassionally, I am doing research. It seems like there wouldn't be so much going on with the few things I do online. My friend JP says "go Mac." I almost wish my computer weren't so new, or I would. When I update my PC next time, two things need to happen. I need to take him shopping with me, and I want a computer that people can't access. I just don't feel safe on the internet anymore and I need to. I'm taking an online course this semster. I don't have 4 days of my life to factory reinstall and redownload all my programs again. Not to mention that is 4 days I will never get back.

So, in short: Leave my computer ALONE. Go away, I'd turn back if I were you. I'm about to Jackie Chan your modem if you don't leave me alone.

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