Saturday, January 01, 2005

Family, it's About Time

I love those commercials for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that end with " Family, it's about time." So true. I have been enjoying vacation and my family the last few days. As my life get's busy with grad school, my internship, and trying to keep it all together, I forget to enjoy my family. Just yesterday, we had a snuggle pile on my bed. Brian, Miranda, Anna, the dog and I. We hung out, tickled the girls, laughed, and were this heap on the bed of arms, legs, and paws.
I have taken time this week to listen to the girls, not just hear what they were saying, but listen. Some things overheard at my house this week:
Miranda and Anna were sitting on the breakfast stools eating banannas. Anna was a little messy with hers. Miranda says " Mom, clean up in aisle 1." I almost peed my pants laughing. She's a comedian. Anna and I were watching a movie last night, trying to stay awake to see the ball drop. She grabs my face and says " We're a family." Wise wisdom from a 3 year old.
Anna and I were just petting Daisy. Daisy rolled over to have her tummy rubbed. I said " Daisy, you are such a baby." Anna thinks about it and says " No she's NOT. Her is a DOG Mama." She had a point there.
As I get busy again with my grad classes, my next internship, volunteering in Miranda's school and Brownies, I am going to remember to stop, take time, and just listen to the day to day chatter that goes on in my house. I am never going to get this day back. The girls continue to grow and change bit by bit everyday. This year I am going to continue to live like there's no tommorow, love unconditionally, and laugh, from the belly, once a day.
Welcome 2005! A year of promise, new houses (Sandi), Master's degrees ( Dana AND Kim, tell me that's not cool), and new adventures in parenting.

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