Saturday, December 25, 2004


I was longing for a simple Christmas this year. One where presents took a back seat and family and memories came first. We had kind of a lean holiday this year. Brian had a complicated health year and 6 specialists later we had quite a stack of bills ( for the record, BCBS sucks), so I kind of got my simple holiday. The girls each wished for 6 presents from Santa, and he came through. Brian and I, however, didn't have a lot of money left to buy eachohter the kind of presents we usually do. He took the girls for a portrait for me, and I got him some golf assessories. Truthfully, that was great, it was more than enough. I sometimes feel like we live in a gluttenous society, interested in more, bigger, better, newer, and more expensive. I have always wanted to slow things down a notch to appreciate other things. This year, we did.
The things I would have wished for this year don't come from a store. I wish my husband's health could improve and that he didn't have to be in pain everyday without knowing what is going on with his body. I wish for an answer and relief for him. I wish the Judge in Anna's case would wake up and free her for adoption. She is about to turn three. She thinks we are her family, and she is 100% right. We are.
The best part of my Christmas so far was the excitement the girls felt this morning, waking us up at 5:55am to tell us Santa came. It was Anna, so happy all those gifts were just for her. It was Miranda, loving the little purse I got her. It was my sister in law who had tears in her eyes over the memory maker bracelet I made for her. It was my baby nephew, so happy and cute today. It was my older nephew telling Miranda that she doesn't have a brother, but she has him. Awwwwww....... It was time spent with my family, hugs, good food, and time to catch up. It was simply a Merry Christmas.

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J.P. said...

Dana - the happiest of holidays to you and your family!!!! xoxo