Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nearly Orgasmic

I went to dinner last night at a really Tony restaurant in the Stockade section of Schenectady. The Stockade is all about atmosphere. It's the oldest section of Schenectady, some of the Brownstones date back to the late 1600's. It has become somewhat of an artist's community and the old brownstones have all been lovingly restored.
We wandered into the Stockade Inn last night, formely the Lower Mohawk Club. Like the brownstones, this Inn has undergone a tremendous revitalization. Everything from the decor to the decorations for the holiday are just right. Simple, yet classy. Expensive, yet not overdone. The art is local and the photos on the wall are historic photos of the Inn and the city. The fireplace was lit and there was a Christmas party in the banquet room.
I wasn't sure what to order. I had previewed the menu online before hand and my mind was on the grilled flat iron steak. I almost wavered and ordered the scallop risotto, but I held to the steak. Always go with your first choice.
My steak arrived covered in Bernais sauce. I wasn't sure how I would like it and I almost didn't order it. It would have been naked without it. In a word, my steak was orgasmic. I prdered it medium rare and was pleased to have a chef that knew that this meant red in the middle and juicy. It was grilled and crusty on the outside. The bernais was the right blend of creamy, yet salty and complimented this well. My steak was flanked with their lobster mashed potatoes. Whom ever got the idea to marry lobster and potatoes I would like to kiss. Really. The potatoes were of course the real deal, they even had a few lumps. I chased my dinner down with their house red wine. It was a good choice for enhancing the flavor of the steak.
If you are ever in Schenectady, this restaurant is worth your time. Don't be slowed down by the price of the entrees, you won't be disappointed. From the atmosphere to a chef that is really good at what they do, I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!!
Psst-don't tell my husband, I was checking out real estate down there.

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