Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I am glad THAT's over!

I am speaking of the holidays and the food, food, food. I hate the food part the way the Grinch hates the noise, noise, noise! It's probally because I am a really good cook, my own worse enemy. When I cook Christmas dinner, we have leftovers for a week. I cook like a Catholic mom with 6 kids ( thanks Mom!). I even gave stuff away and there's food here. I gained 5 pounds in a month. 5! That really sucks.
So, it's resolution time. My friend Jp, got me inspired to put my resolution out there. It is what it I say every year, this is the year I will be healthy. My weight is about 20 pounds from where I would like it to be. I'm not at my all time high ( thankfully I am some 26 pounds less than my all time high), but I feel like a slug. My resolution is not so much to just lose weight, it's to arrive at a healthy lifestyle so I don't keep yo-yo-ing up and down the same freaking 10 pounds. You know, lose 10, gain 12, lose 8 gain 6, etc.....That can't be good for me. I want to hit my favorite weight and stay there. The trouble is, I have to work hard to stay at one weight. If I falter from my exercise routine, I am inching back up. With 2 kids, some days are impossible to hit the treadmill. I know, excuses.
No more excuses. I need to "just do it" in 2005. Good luck JP, and everyone else working on a better you in 2005. Back away from the snacks.........

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