Thursday, December 16, 2004

Define Class

What is class? Does it mean different things to different people? I mean, to trailer park folks, classy is new plastic siding with matching shutters. Does it vary depending on your world view? I was coming home from college tonight when the car ahead of me at the tolls had one of those frames around the lisence plate that said " This Bitch has Class." I beg to differ! First of all, her vehicle was a teal ( as in 80's teal blue) Hyundai SUV. HUH? This defines class? Secondly, the aforementioned lisence plate frame thing was pewter and had large pewter palm trees. I shudder.......Finally, the third clue that class was missing was calling yourself "Bitch". I know, I know, it's hip to refer to yourself as a Bitch, a compliment even, but does someone with class call themselves a Bitch.

When I think about class, I think about Jackie O. Jackie Kennedy really put a face on the idea of class, as well as what classy was. Even in her darkest hour, when her infamous pink Chanel suit was soaked with her husbands blood, she handled herself with dignity, she kept herself together, she was class. I even think Martha Stewart has class. She sucked up her sentence, never really said any harsh words, and accepted her punishment.
When I think of class, I think material things could be defined as classy. Elegant yet understated is classy to me. I also think of class as a personality trait, quite like Jackie acted her entire life. Websters says class is great style or quality. To the "Bitch" in the SUV, take a lesson from Jackie. Less is more.


Melina said...

Dana, are you (were you) friends with Holly Bracken???

Dana said...

Not to my knowledge. That name doesn't ring any bells.