Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is Why

I often marvel at the amount of overweight people in the US. Myself included. According to the chart, I am 26 lbs overweight. I agree, by the way, because the weight that I am always trying to get down to is 20 lbs from where I am. I am a size 12, and I am forever trying to get to a size 10 ( haven't seen 10 since 2004/2005 before I got pregnant with Ava) I start the year off on weight watchers, every stinking year. I lose my fall and holiday weight. I typically lose 10 lbs before summer. Summer hits and I don't have to do WW because I am swimming, biking, hiking, walking the dog, and generally getting the exercise I need. I feel good, and look OK, but never quite where I want to be. Fall hits, I lose time, sit at my desk all day in school, and put that 10 lbs back on. So here I am again, on WW. I really need to break the cycle, but restaurants and companies are not making it easy. Take for instance Friendly's. We ate at one yesterday in the Albany area. I SHOULD have looked online before we went, but I wasn't quite sure where we would end up eating. I TRIED to make a good decision and eat decent. I got home, looked up what I had ( a wrap, of all things, hold the fries, I had coleslaw that I nibbled on), and man did I make a BAD decision. The wrap, without the fries it would have come with, was 29 WW points. Thats 1090 calories and 80 grams of fat. I should have spooned crisco out of the can and eaten it and I likely would have fared better. I blew it! ( Good thing Sandi and her mom shared the salad, it was also over 1000 cal and almost 60 grams of fat). How? Why? I recently made the same astonshing discoveries when I looked at Red Lobster's menu. Thankfully I had a plan when I ate there ( and skipped those desserts.......80 grams of fat, that is like a 2 day supply).
Today, Miranda made a no bake Jello dessert mix. She opted to put them into cup cake papers, instead of the pie dish. We got what we thought were 12 servings, and they were not skimpy, they filled the cup cake papers. According to the package, a serving is 2 of the cup cake papers filled with the dessert, for a total of 380 calories 17 grams of fat. Are you freaking kidding me? We each had 1, for about 190 cal and 8.5 grams of fat. ( that 4 WW points, instead of 8). How did serving sizes get so large? What the HELL is Jello thinking? Are they trying to clog my arteries and kill me early? It no wonder when I go the mall and people watch so many people are heavy. You have to take notice, check things out, read labels. It would be NICE if companies and restaurants would help out and get a little healthier for people, but in the meantime, I am taking things into my own hands.
On the bright side of things, my heaviest weight I have only seen once, 2 sizes larger then where I am now, and I have NOT been that size since the new millenium, 1999. I only own size 12's as my fat wardrobe, and when things get tight, off to WW I go. I would like to get rid of the 12's so when the 10's get tight, off to WW I go.

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