Monday, February 16, 2009

A February Break

I really envy those of you going South. I am sick of winter this year. I haven't felt this way towards winter in years. Enough already. PErhaps it's just everything else going on in my life, and my lack of time to play outside in the snow this year?
Anyhoo, a long deserved break is here! Hurray! School was crazy this past 2 weeks. Kids doing stupid things, parents and teachers overreacting, and not enough of me to go around. We all just needed to clear out and start fresh next week. It's always this way in Feb. Cabin fever I guess, that, and mid year grades will do it.
This week, south is not in the cards, but east is! Free bowling today at ADK Lanes ( thank you community ed), tomorrow I have to do some things for my parents, east to Albany Wednesday, and the rest of the week is unplanned. We need to sled or ice skate, scrap book, and maybe just a day to watch movies all day. It's not plam trees and beach parties, but it will be just the thing!
A nice start to my week too, I didn't cook for 3 nights! Friday we went to my parents to do some thigns and picked up dinner, Saturday was date night ( Red Lobster.....yum-o), and last night Brian made pizza, all I had to do was cook sausage and shred cheese. That was easy. Tonight? corned beef in the crock pot and salt potatoes. Just as easy.

I'm off to get ready to bowl with the girls.

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