Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mid Winter Muck Out

When I am heading back to school ( work) after a break, I like to look back at what I did so that I feel like I accomplished something. Breaks are not really vacations. Someone asked me recently how vacation was going. Vacation from what? While on break, I try to get all errands run and things in my life current and straightened out so I can go back to work full time.
So,what did we do this week? No crickets chirping here this time, here is the skinny:

Monday: free bowling at the local lanes, and a doc appt for Anna

Tuesday: Mid Winter Muck Out. Yes, caps here, it's practically an event. Mid Winter Much Out is when you go through closets, get rid of things that don't fit, shoes that are blown out, and then you go into the attic, get the next size up bins and tack stock so that on April break, you can do the Spring Sweep. That is when you move out heavy sweaters and move in the lighter clothes. Got to be ready for that event ( and don't confuse these with the Fall Fling when you gear up for re-entry to school). I spent an enrire morning on this, and feel good that it's done.

Wednesday- Shopping in Albany, lunch with Sandi and Aunt Lila

Thursday-catch up day, actually did housework and laundry

Friday-Snow tubing and car repair day. Was supposed to be an inspection, but something happened and many service lights came on, turns out I had a broken axel, and now I have a passed inspection and new axel ( minus 400.00 in the bank)

Saturday-Fire and Ice in Inlet. Skated, sledded, and ate at the Screaming Eagle. Didn't want to leave my beloved ADKs.

Sunday-Cleaned house, put away laundry, and shoveled newest foot of snow off the roof to get ready for the next foot of snow due tonight into tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe we will get a delay......or dare I dream snow day????

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