Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Night and Day and Afternoon?

Well, I think we are going to get between 8-12 inches of snow in my Northern town tonight and all day tomorrow. Should be a school cancelling event. Not that I want it this week, it's Regents week, our kids are in the middle of English Regents ( a 2 day event, it gets thrown out if there's a snow day, can't retake till June). Tonight, we'll head to the village library, because if we are home tomorrow and can't go anywhere, you better have a fresh stack of new books for yourself and kiddos. Our tradition on snow days is egg salad, stop drop and read, and an afternoon movie date complete with popcorn. Sometimes we scrap book too, and I know I have laundry I could do ( I do laundry 5 times a week). The last snow day we had, we made snowflakes in honor of Snowflake Bently's work and story, painted them with shiny white paint and strung them on yarn for a winter banner. There's no telling what fun we could get into tomorrow. So, here's to snow.

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