Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Should be Fine

Thank god it's a new year. I am so done with the last one. 2008 had it's ups and downs, but overall was not our best. Between Celiac Disease diag, the price of gas driving up the cost of everything,and aging parents, 2008 was kind of stressful. 2009, I am sure wil have it's fair share of stress, as my parents have decided to move from their current home into a smaller place near hear so we can help them out ( driving, cleaning, etc....). It's the right things to do, don't get me wrong, but it will entail painting and cleaning up their current home to sell, and then the actual finding of a new place and moving. So there's that in 2009, 2009 will also bring 20 year school reunions for both Brian and myself, a wedding ( Traci and Mark), and a community musical that Miranda and I are going to try out for.
I'll take the good with the bad, and have decided to schedule in some fun for 2009 to help even things out. My resolution this year is simply to have more fun! No specifics, no rules, just play more, laugh more, get into more trouble. To start things off, we are going bowling today. We wanted to play in the snow, but it's far too cold today to take the girls out to tube or sled ( currently -5 here, not including wind chill). Tomorow the girls and I are taking a ride to Syracuse to get Anna's birthday present, that should be fun, and I am going to plan a ski night at Woods Valley for Brian and I this month ( I love night skiing, love it love it love it........). We'll get a sitter and go, just the two of us. We'll close the mountain! ( ok, it's really a big hill to me, but just the same......)

Whatever your resolution is, it should include some fun. Life's short, embrace the day, celebrate the new year, it should be just fine.

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moi aussi said...

Yes, it will be a fine year! I like your open ended idea: just have more fun! Live in the moment!

Happy New Year!