Sunday, November 02, 2008

Living with Dana

I have been watching Life with Ed on the Green channel ( Discovery). My husband thinks I'm nuts I watch it so much, but I am interested in all the new technology and innovations there are out there to live gree, use less energy, and make a healthier home. I am all about this. Funny, my ancestors lived off the grid, drank from a drilled well, and made their own everything. Funny to me that it is the "trend" now. Whatever it is, I am glad to see people embracing it.
I am feeling warmed now by our biomass furnace that went online yesterday. Brian has been working on instillation for the past month, ordering the parts, and getting it hooked up. We could have hired someone, but he insisted he could do it. Well, have at it. Do it he indeed did! He fired it up yesterday, adn I have forced hot air heat coming through my duct work powered by corn. The other good part, besides that fact that we did what we said we would do with our stimilus money and "got off oil" ( 600 gallons of oil per year no longer needed), is that my corn is from a local farmer in Cassville that dries and bags it for heating use. We supported local agriculture. Awesome! Took money from the disgusting oil companies reporting record revenue, and lined the pocket of a small family farm 30 min from my house. That is beautiful to me. No big bas guzzling trucks needed to bring the oil to my house 10 times a year either. We make "corn runs" with Brian's truck when we are going out that way naturally ( it's on the way to my folks house).
This is just the first thing we are doing to be greener, and to use renewable forms of energy. We'd like to research solar and find ways to use it, replace our hot water tank with solar or on demand hot water, etc.....

I know I"m just one person trying to make a difference, but I will. "Never doubt that a small dedicated group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Here is what we installed and are currently running, the Fahrenheit Endurance 50F Biomass Furnace/Stove.

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moi aussi said...

Congrats on getting more off the grid. Sarah Palin might shout: "Drill baby drill!" But that just goes to show how ignorant she is. There are many ways to find energy and they don't have to include oil.