Saturday, November 08, 2008

Carbon Neutral

I'm reading "Green Living for Dummies" ( can you stand it?) to try and see what else I can do to be better to the earth, to live in a less toxic home, and teach my daughters to use resources wisely. I am so relieved to find that I am carbon neutral. When we fired up the furnace, in the back of my mind I knew and understood that we are putting carbon back into the air as the smoke dissipates. I felt kind of bad about it. On one hand, it's not oil, but we're making more carbon. I was so happy and relieved that if you use biomass that gets replanted, the replanted biomass ( corn) used up carbon as it grows, negating what it burns off later. Carbon neutral. What a beautiful thing! Now I feel 100% good about what we are doing. I was sad to read only 3% of people in the US are heating with biomass. We still have a long way to come.

I'm energized by the election and am happy that he will support more than just "Drill baby drill". He will show us leadership away from the big biz that is oil. Thank god! AND after just one month of being really focused on my electric bill I just turned in the lowest kWh useage in 12 months. All I did was unplug stuff that used phantom power. It was that easy. I'm looking at more things we can do to conserve electricity now that my numbers went below 1000 kWh per month.

I'm off to drink my fair traded organic coffee made with a reuseable filter. Top of the morning to you........go GREEN!

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