Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

I was watching the Today show this AM, and saw a piece about the Arctic ice caps melting. Since 2006, a chunk of the ice cap the size equivelent of California has melted away. I don't understand how people don't get it? Why haven't more people sprang into action? I don't even really like science, but I can understand and see the impact.
I continue on my quest daily to see what we can do differently. I have turned into the mad recycler, making sure there is nothing in our trash that is recyclable. I am not yet composting, that will have to wait till Brian builds me a bin out of scrap materials in his shop ( why would I build it out of anything else?), in the spring, but we are 100% on board with everything else. This week, on trash night, I assessed the garbage impact on our street. I have 5 people in my family, and I am proud to say we put out one wheelie cart of trash. 2 bags. We rock!
My kWh fascination has gone to the next level. I check it daily. We are 15 days into the billing cycle, half way, and we used only 300 kWh so far this month. Last year, at this time, we turned in 1395 kWh for the month of November, I know we can beat that. LAST month, my all time low of 932 kWh......I mey beat that as well. Take that National Grid! We unhooked the dusk to dawn timer on that huge Mercury yard light. We put it on a switch for now, as I really DON't need my yard flooded with light, there is a street light at the end of my driveway. I taking it down all together in the Spring, as it is as ugly as anything that came out of the 70's and replacing it will two solar powered copper old fashioned looking lanterns on each side of the carriage house door. More more asthetic, and it will look tiemly with my 1850's carriage house. Good looking, and good for the environment and my electric bill. Ugly Betty Mercury.....your time has come.

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