Monday, December 01, 2008

Nutcracker 2008

The week Miranda has been waiting for has arrived, 4 performances of Nutcracker this week, along with rehearsal every night at the Stanley. She has worked hard since August in her role as Soldier this year. It's good action I tell you, and she already has her sights set on various roles for NEXT year. Can you stand her? I was outgoing, but she is driven!
They already had a fundraiser Tea Party a few weekends ago, and she was asked to be in it. Here she is the soldier all the way over on the right. Looking forward to going to "dinnner and a show" this weekend to see her. If I haven't already said so 50 million times, I am both in awe of her, and proud of her. Ten-hut, my Soldier girl, break a leg.

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moi aussi said...

I just loved going to the Nutcracker last week! It was my first Ballet!!! Miranda takes her work very seriously, you are right, more than we ever did! I'm so proud of her. I'm so glad she is musical and into performing!