Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little R & R

I admit it, I probally won't rest or relax, but just a break from the usual: Get everyone up and ready, eat breakfast, get dressed, race to drop 3 little girls, with all the right things like lunches, clarinets, shoes, sneakers and home work off at 3 different places just to be to work by 7:30, race throught the work day sometimes without stopping for lunch or water, just to race home, get them off the bus, do home work, race to get them to activities, home at night, bathed and ready to do it all again will be lovely. I needed a break. Kids at school have also reached pivital moment of mid year panic with grades as well as drama.

So far, I have done nothing big, but it has been lovely. Friday night, because I didn't have to race around, I cleaned 150 photos off digi cam, edited them, uploaded to snapfish, and got the right shots together for the annual calendar I make my parents. It was a huge undertaking, because of course you know me, I edit the photos to perfection. I am not so sure being able to preview photos is good if you are OCD, or is the editing features. I made 3 bathces of fidge too.

Saturday, again, a lovely day. Completed house work, made cookies, and went to my neighbor's house for an open house/make up show without kids ( she sells all natural health and beauty products.......I purchased a few things. I have been wanting to go all natural, wasn't sure which line to try and then I get invited to her party. Perfect!) Brian took the girls Christmas shooping, so I went out to get groceries all by myself! That alone was a gift. I made 3 different stops, accomplished everything on my list, and because he took them to dinner at Friendly's I had the night off in the kitchen. Woo Hoo!

Just these couple little things, and time to have accomplished a few things have made a major difference in my mood. Tomorrow, we are busting Kayanna out of the babysitters and going sledding and then to the mall ( am I crazy) to let her pick out a birthday gift. Looking forward to it!

Embrace the day, enjoy the time off if you have it. Savor the little things no matter what.

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moi aussi said...

Don't you just love that feeling of accomplishment? Good for you getting that break. I'm happy you got two weeks off, you deserve it. My goal is closet cleaning! :)