Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer's Here!

As I skipped down the school hall singing " The most wonderful time of the year" Summer arrived. Here, I am still working another week ( Guidance Counselor, we close the place), but the girls and I have started on our way to summer fun. We have Kayaked in Boonville ( free), had a little good bye pool party for a moving neighborhood girl ( cost me 98 cents for the cake mix), and today Brian is taking the girls fishing on the NY State free fishing weekend ( no liscense needed). I am signing them up for FREE swimming lessons, and we have plans to do summer reading at the library, heading to Old Forge to meet a favorite children's author, and many other fun free local things.
With the economy so shaky, Brian and I are saving for a new furnace, the kind you can burn bio mass in ( pellets, or corn), so my summer theme to help us save is " Free and Fun Local Fun!" Looking forward to hanging out with my girls this summer and makig our own fun.

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moi aussi said...

There's a theme going in that blog! Free and inexpensive! Can't blame you at all! :)