Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Having a Moment

Ever have one of those days where you just need to have a moment to cry and then get on with what you were doing? We were at my parents house Friday, stopped in for Father's day, and to pick up some large items to bring to our recycling center. Anyways, Miranda was helping my mom organize old photo's and came accross slides. Slides that have never been made into prints. So I just looked at them all and they are photos I have never seen. There are some of my grandparents holding Kim as a baby, some of my aunts and uncles in younger days horsing around, and one of my uncle Kevin as a little boy on his bike. They all made me emotional, but that one of Kevin.......life just isn't fair is it? I wonder what he would be doing now in life, who he would have married, how many more cousins would I have had? Who would he have grown to be? I don't think about him very often, but that picture got me. My mom was so close to him, she practically raised him, she lost it when he died. I was small, but I remember the grief. Profound grief. I miss who he would have been.

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Anonymous said...

Strangely that was just what Charlene, Mom , nad me were discussing last weekend. Family connections are odd things aren't they?

I've never thought of Kevin moving on. He's just frozen in this eternal youth. He'd be 52 if he were alive! I'm not sure he'd ever seem old. e always seemed more like an older cousin back then.

You know you need to get all those slides digitalized. All my pix are going dig. It's one of my goals for the summer.