Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green Weekend

My weekend actually started on Friday, with a day off. Grocery shopped, cleaned, and finally got all the girls summer clothes out and situated. All closets 100% done! Been wanting to get that done before Memorial day and before we leave for NC.
Saturday, a day to run around! I did some yard work weeding and such early. then, loaded the truck up with green waste from the yard and headed for recycling center. Dumped greens, and got the guy on the big tractor to dump a load of FREE mulched up evergreens in my truck. HUGE load of free mulch. Took Miranda to ballet, and then we were off to the "Wood Energy Day" at New England Pellets in Schuyler. Talked to a few dealers about the pellet furnace, and took a tour of the plant. Cool! Talked to an engineer of one of the furnaces, the "Farenheit", and we are pretty excited about this one. Big enough to heat the house with pellets. Hook it up to exsisting duct work and get rid of evil oil companies FOREVER!
Sunday, after we survived a Tornato watch Saturday PM ( and warmed up the house with a nice fire), we mulched the entire yard, set up bird feeders, back patio furniture, hung patio lights, planted some seeds I already had and moved some existing plants to back garden plot, and got the yard looking fabulous! IT really looks great! All in all a nice weekend spent, very little money spent, and time spent with my family. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

lots o work girl...but the stuff that makes it feel all worthwhile! Sounds like my kind of weekend! Love ya! S