Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey Doug!

Ummmm, to the Guy named Doug, or sometimes "Dougie", or he has been referred to as "Kevin's friend" and even "Cuz", get a freaking clue!! You gave out your new cell phone number and it's not your number you are giving, it' mine rocket scientiest. I have taken so many calls for you that when I find you, after I slap you, I am going to bill you.
And your freinds? Besides sounding like thugs, they are not very smart. They hear my answering machine message, which CLEARLY says " Hey, you have reached the "D" family, also home of Prespective Home Inspection, we are unable to take your call, blah blah blah" It's educated sounded, it sounds like you have reached a family, and we clearly identify ourselves. Why would your friends, the rocket scientists, keep leaving freaking messages??????? Next time today that I talk to one of them, I think some threats need to happen. I think I need to get your number, Doug, Dougie, Cuz, "Kevin's Friend" and then give it out to my friends to harass you. I'm not in a good mood today, just be warned, Dougie old boy.

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moi aussi said...

Clearly the answering machine message should be upgraded to say [in a most professional and sweet female voice]:

"To the associates of Dougie, aka Kevin's friends, we are unable to take your call. In fact, we are no longer accepting the calls of people with less than 80 IQ points. So please, in the interest of all humanity, carefully place your cell phone in your arse. We thank you for your time. Goodbye!" ;)