Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Sweetest Thing

Last night, as the heat still sizzled, I needed to find a way to make my own breeze. All I could picture was that moment in Ya- Ya Sisterhood where the girls jumped into the convertible and went in search of their own relief from the heat. How free they were, riding on top of the seats, feeling the breeze blow their hair, and letting their shirts fall by the wayside. Just the thought of it made me feel cooler. However, I live in a small town, and am getting to be "known" both from the neighborhood and school, riding topless on a convertible really wasn't an option. Besides, where do I drum up a convertible at 9:30 pm at night? In a small town, no less???

I grabbed my mp3 player, sneaks, and stepped outside. It was cooler than it had been all day, the mercury checked in at about 86. The night sky was amazingly dark blue, with stars twinkling, knowing nothing of the heat. I started walking, in search of my own way to cool down. As I circled the block, I noticed I was a lone reed. The usual dog walkers, strolling moms, elderly walking couples nowhere to be found. It had to be the heat. It seemed as I had the village to myself and the radio played one favorite after another. I was feeling cooler as I strolled into the village green. If you have ever seen "Gilmore Girls" you know what our village green looks like. Lots of trees, benches, Gazebo, lamps, and my own breeze. I saw it before I even thought of it. I started walking towards it, feeling apprehensive. Could I do it here? What if people saw me, what would they think? Surely the little street lamps lit the park up so everyone could see that it was me?

None of this mattered to me. I found my breeze. I slid into the familiar seat, rubber between two chains, remembering all the times my girls enjoyed this very thing. I pumped my legs out as U-2's "Sweetest Thing" came onto my radio, as if just for me. I was now soaring through the night sky and as I suspected, the wind was now flowing through my hair. I soared as high as I dared, higher than my daughters were allowed to go. I closed my eyes, savored the music, opened them and savored the beautiful night. Cresent moon, deep deep blue sky, and now a breeze. " Oh-Oh O, the sweetest thing."

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