Friday, August 25, 2006

I've Got a Crush on You

My neighbor girl is going into 10th grade, and she is quite stunning, only good for her Dad, the boys haven't noticed....YET. Or perhaps they are looking for the blond Brittney type and not the knockout red head type. She has long red hair, deep red, not carroty, and blue eyes. Her skin is fabulous, with just a sprinkle of freckles, and she is tall. Well, taller than me, does that count as tall? My kids love her and she can babysit 4-5 kids and make it look effortless. She is a great girl, and she has a crush on an "upperclassmen" that probally doesn't realize that she is going to be the girl the guys drool over in college. I have known who she likes for a while. Call it my business as a guidance counselor. Anyways, her MOM has found out and her entire sports team and of course it's the team HE is on. So her MOM invited the entire team over for a pool party today. She is caught between being mortified and being very excited, and don't you just remember that feeling?
I think our first crushes were people that weren't attainable to us, hence the excitement. For girls, anyways, we looked to "older men", you know, guys in 10th grade, not 9th. Half of the excitement was having the thought and realizing you thought this person was IT. I also think the notion of having the crush was much better until your friends became armed with the info, or an entire sports team. Then they tell people, then your MOM finds out, and people think it's all "cute and sweet". The secret gets out and it just takes something away, especially if the object of your desires isn't interested. Then everybody knows that he doesn't want anything to do with you. God, do you remember that? No amount of money would make me want to go through that again.
Of course I remember my first crush. He was TWO grades older than me. Jay Fenton. What a cute, sweet, nice kid. At least I didn't pick a jock. I have no idea what happened to him, or if he ever knew? I have a feeling he is married, a really good husband and father. And I still remember those feelings. Thank GOD my MOM never knew.
Neighbor girl, I feel your pain. I"ll try to distract your mom today during the pool party and if this boy doesn't realize the fabulousness that you are??? Wait till college. Wait till he sees you in the future.

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