Friday, August 11, 2006

Fall is in the Air

It's the most wonderful time ofthe year! I love Autumn, it's my favorite season. Mostly for the colors, the beautiful days, the smells, the hanging on to the last days of summer, and for back to school. There, I said it. Back to school. :) I don't just love it as a mom wanting my kids to return to structure, I love it as an educator. I am really excited to get back to my job. I love what I do, love being surrounded by teens, and especially love being part of the process that helps them sort it all out. I love watching personal growth!
I have been getting my family ready for "re-entry" as I like to call it, checking off the school supply list ( which was a mile long this year), shopping for school clothes for them and me, and organizing my house and stocking up. I love the feeling of starting the school year off caught up on life.
So I have my own supplies to take up to my office. The girls and I walked up to the school on Tuesday. To my delight and surprise, I could not get into my office. The custodians were in the hall and they stopped to me to tell me the wax and the paint was drying.My office got painted!!!! Woo Hoo. Last year I felt like I was working out of someone else's office. Moving in August, and being very pregnant, I didn't have time to settle in. I have spent the year making the office mine, and now it is freshly painted! My carpets were also cleaned, and the main part of our guidance suite was freshly waxed and buffed. It all looks great and for some reason completely energizes me. A fresh start to the school year. OCD Girl likey.
Miranda is ready for 3rd grade, cursive writing and multiplication. Hopefully plenty of science too, she loves science. Anna is geared up for Pre-K. I have had her on the waiting list since last January, at the ONLY place around here that offers it. Sources say it is "excellent." She is ready! ( hopefully we are ready, the price was hefty!) I think she may be a little bored, as she knows all the usual colors, shapes, can id her numbers, most letters and has begun writing letters, the process of school, the socialization, and the friends will have her 100% ready for Kindergarten.
As for me, I am ready. I am running a girls group this year and am all ready to roll with it, have put together a peer mentoring program and will be ready when school opens, and am not pregnant this year, so my energy is limitless.
Raise your number 2 pencils and toast with me to a successful year of learning and growing, for the children, and for me.

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