Thursday, August 17, 2006

Halloween Prep

I bet you didn't know there was such a thing as Halloween prep? It has to do with the planning and organizing of Halloween. I happen to LOVE Halloween. Call it the wanna be Witch in me. So, I start planning in the Spring. Really. I am always a Witch, as I have made myself a beautiful costume, like somethig out of that movie " Hocus Pocus". The girls usually choose their costume and I work the next few months either finding the costume or making it. Last year, I hit the summer pre-pre season sale at Party City completely on accident in July and found the Brat Doll costume and the witch costume for Anna for 5.00 EACH. They were great costumes, the kids looked so cute. I had the baby last fall, and it was nice actually not to have to sew or make anything. This year, I have happened onto pieces of costumes over the summer and the costumes are coming together nicely. Miranda found a lepard print skirt at salvation army and a plain black long sleeved shirt. We found a matching lepard print stole at the dollar store, and I purchased the matching fuzzy lepard material to make cuffs for the shirt and a tail. We are still on the look out for ears, and black go-go style boots. She is calling herself Cat Woman, and it's a nice compromise. She saw the sleek pleather cat woman costume in a magazine and wanted that for Halloween. Ummmmm, no. I sold her the idea of fake fingernails and the go-go boots for this costume to make it a little sassy. She is happy and won't look like a hoochie mama in training.
Anna decided last year to be Strawberry Shortcake. I found SS material and a cute pinafore style dress pattern. I am making the dress for her. I found the green and white striped knee socks at the dollar store, a SS trademark that I thought I wouldn't find. Now we need a hat, so I am thinking of getting a floopy straw type hat and will add the ribbon, strawberries, etc.....She has a white stuffed kitty to carry to complete the look and black buckle shoes. Two fabulous costumes, less then 10.00 each. Two girls that got to be part of the planning, creating and artistic process? Priceless.
My husband thinks I am crazy for planning in August, but hey, they don't call me OCD for nothing. I also have started buying candy ( a couple hundred kids come through here), and decorations and can be caught humming " It's the most wonderful time of the year...." He has mentioned going to Salem, Mass in October again this year. Pack my bags, grab the hat and broom and I am on my way!!

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LoisLane said...

You are so OCD. ;)
Was good to see you last nite!