Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hooked on a Feeling

My quest for health has taken on a life of it's own. I had no idea it would be so easy. I am hooked on this feeling that I have right now. I feel satisfied. I have this feeling everyday and I think it's because I restructured my entire eating plan and now only eat food that has nutritional value. I have not had a slice of bread in a month, or potatoes, or pasta. I have also not had carb cravings in a month. I knew I had willpower, but even following weight watchers I was eating carbs and not learning how to deal with the cravings. I have replaced my old white starches with grains. I have Thomas Whole Grain English Muffins. 8 grams of fiber. I eat one at 6:30am, and an not hungry until my 11:30 salad. I have also added wheat germ to my life, in smoothies and on my whole grain cereal in the am. I even perfer soy milk now on my cereal.
I am mostly excited because I know I can keep going with this way of eating because it just makes sense to me and my body feels satisfied, healthy, and strong. Additionaly, the scale reads 10 pounds less now in a month. And did I mention that my hair, skin, and nails have never looked better? I wasn't planning on that.

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Karen said...

Hi Dana... I wandered over from Traci's blog.... could you give me some info on your whole foods journey? Who couldn't stand to eat better, and it sounds like stuff I might actually eat... Traci can give you my email if you can't get it from my blog.