Sunday, March 19, 2006

Adventures in Biology

Friday we had an extreme sub shortage at my school. So extreme the principal came in and told the counselors we were the biology teacher for the day. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. I think there are reasons we are all counselors. We love working with kids, but had no intent of ever teaching a class, but what can you do? We were short staff, so time to rally!
I only wound up with 8th period, and didn't realize when I walked down to the room that it was AP Biology. Keep in mind the actual last time I set foot in a bio classroom was 10 grade. I was 15. I am 30something. That was actually 19 years ago. All I really remember was fiddling with Mr. Sos's computer and having network people have to come and fix it ( sorry) and the fetal pigs. Ours was fondly named stubby the pig and thank GOD for Steph. She had the cohonies to do the cut work. No way was I cutting into that pig.
Thankfully, the teacher left a quiz and lab work for the students to finish up on and the students I had were really good kids. Seniors taking the class because they wanted to. They were working with specimine jars identifying class, genomes, and genesis classifications. When one kid asked about a Genesis, I sais " Hey, I know this! It's a rock group and their front man was Phil Collins." Now it was their turn to laugh. I was amazed at the content they were studying and I had a lot of respect for them. I am a smart girl, I read a lot, and I know a lot about a lot of things, but the complexities that is Biology is foreign to me. And to the kid that opened the specimine jar with the frog in it to see how it smelled, well, whatever works for you. Keep that thing away from me.

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