Sunday, March 26, 2006

Exercise Opportunist

In the book that I am reading Super Foods there is a section about exercise. It was an interesting read because it gave me the idea to be an exercise opportunist! In addition to trying to work exercise into your life, look for daily opportunities that arise naturally and exercise then. For instance, when we get home from school, my girls always want to go out to play, to take a walk, to go to the playground. I have been dropping everything to go outside and play with them. They like to get on their bikes, and I put the baby in the stroller and we all head out. When we do go to the playground, I like to zip around on the equipment as well.
My dog ligitimately also needs exercise. I have been getting into the habit of popping on my iPod, grabbing the dog and walking the bike path up to my school and walking around the school a few times. Daisy gets out, I get exercise.
I live pretty close to the school where I work. I would also like to make walking to and from work part of my day on nice days. Warm weather is about here, the walk is a brisk 10 min uphill, it would benefit me and the environment.
I even got my bike out, filled the tires with air and got it ready for Spring. When Miranda wants to go on a ride, I go to. We usually only take a short spin around the block, but I have been teaching her bike safety as we go. This again kind of fills double duty. I get exercise, she gets time with Mom. And she thinks it's so cool that I like to bike. We haven't seen any other mom's on bikes here.
In the end, I have decided instead of trying to get on my treadmill at 8pm everynight ( some nights I make it, some I am just too tired by 8) to find opportunities that arise each day that can be turned into exercise. It really makes sense. I can't possible say "I don't have time to play with my kids" I am looking forward to a Spring and Summer filled with opportunities to get out and get healthy. Ride on little girls, and wait for me!

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