Saturday, November 19, 2005

Secret Admirers

One of my high school students has been writing "Secret Admirer" letters to another one of my students. As a counselor, I wouldn't normally have them, but he stalked another girl last year and this girl saved all the letters and brought them in. Anyways, of course I read them, what kind of counselor would I be if I wasn't nosey? I have to say, reading these corney little secret admirer letters brought me back to high school. Wasn't it nice to be an adolescent and be able to write these letters, fold them up, and shove them through a locker? To wait for the receiver to read them, and to go through the feelings of wondering if you had a chance. Of wondering if a relationship was possible, and mostly hoping they would know it was you who sent it and the thought alone would make you happy.
As an adult, I wish I could still do that. Send little noted filled with hope, filled with flattering comments, and filled with love to people. I would write one to my daughters teacher, one to the mail person, one to my sister. A little secret note that you could fill with emotion and love. I would say nice things, compliment them, and wait to see their reaction. I would not sign my name, rather, keep them guessing as to who wrote it, and I would find just the right place to leave the note.
Somehow, along the way of life we grow up and forget to do innocent silly little things like this. We think communication must also grow up and mature, and we forget how something as simple as a note could make someone's day. When I came back from my maternity leave, there was a card in my faculty mailbox. I tore it open with abandon. It welcomed me back, told me to take it easy on my first day, and it said everyone missed me. It was signed: The Happy Hollander. It was as good as that secret admirer note. I walk around school and try to figure out who the Happy Hollander is. I love that I don't know. Whom ever you are, Happy Hollander, thank you.

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