Monday, November 07, 2005

The Done List

The "To Do" list, don't you love it when it turns into the "Done List"? Here is what I did this weekend:
Major grocery haul at BJ's
Washed and cleaned Volvo, including armor-alling the seats. I love it when my ass slides on curves. It's a sign of a good clean car!
Put away and organized Halloween decorations, and yes, they must be organized when put away. It makes taking them out easier next year.
Unpacked all my professional clothes and organized. Even gave some away to Good Will.
Purchased more new white hangers so all the hangers in my closet are white. This had been bugging me, hangers in various different colors. That's just not right.
Unpacked and organized books
Organized office
Put away laundry
Cooked a nice Sunday dinner
Hired a landscaper to rake leaves, my favirote thing! Someone else to rake the leaves.

No wonder my head hurts this morning. I think I have a OCD hangover. Pass the coffee.

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