Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Going Back in Time

My father says I have stepped back 100 years in time. Funny, I don't have a time traveling machine and Michael J. Fox has not been spotted here? What he means, is that the village I moved to is old fashioned, and I love this.
When I began interviewing for my current job, I knew I wanted to move here for the schools and for the village. It was filled with our favorite thing, cool old houses. From the day I moved in, it was apparent my father was right. Neighbors came out to meet us and bring us food. They offered to help with anything, and proceeded to do so. They helped me understand the pool and it's various chemicals. They helped me find things like good doctors, dance classes, and even good pizza. When I had the baby, back they came with more food and offered more help.
Most people say with dread " Oh, but it's a small town." True, it's pretty small, not even a stop light. It makes the small town I grew up in look big. When we resealed the blacktop driveway, people at school noticed and talked about it. After living in the city, I like that people are aware and notice change, even if it was just blacktop. It seems we all watch eachother's houses. We notice when things aren't right. Who needs neighborhood watch here?
We had our first trick or treat night last night. The Fire Department actually came out, closed off streets and helped escort the throngs of kids that came out. It was so safe, and so much fun! I had about 300 kids come to my door. Most people came welcoming me to the neighborhood, and congratulating us on the baby. They were friendly, they were chatty. They are my neighbors, and I love this place!

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