Friday, July 01, 2005

Would you? Could you?

I have come to some decisions regarding where I shop. Being the wife of a retail manager for the past 11 years, I never thought I would say this, but I HATE big box stores. I hate what they do to their employees. Let's just say my current thought pattern is based on my husband's big box employer not recognizing that he has health complications and disregarding a doctors note he turned in. All the doctor wanted was for him to go down to 8 hour days for 6-8 weeks to see if his health improves ( Fibromyalgia). They ignored it and instead scheduled him for 9 days straight ( he's a manager, it's legal). He collapsed at work yesterday. Now he's getting a "we'll see what we can do" song and dance. He typically puts in close to 70 hours a week and busts his butt. He, in the course of his illness, has only called in sick 2 times in almost 4 years. Thats total days he's called in sick. 2 in 4 years.
So, in support of my husband ( and becuase I just read that John Walton, heir to Wal Mart, was worth 18 Billion dollars. Nobody needs 18 billion dollars), I have decided to support mom and pop shops. I am staying OUT of those big places even if it means I spend more. Luckily, the village I am moving to has this little shopping district a few miles away ( Barneveld) that has a little meat market, pet store, health food co-op, it even has a shoe store ( I just bought 2 all leather loafers there on extreme sale for 5.00/pair, and they are a good name brand and all leather. They will last a while). I haven't been to a big box store in 2 weeks now. It will be interesting to see if I can do it.

Unfortunately, I will need school clothes soon for Miranda. I am not sure what my approach to this will be? It may be mail order, from more upscale places, or outlet shopping ( I love outlets, they tend not to be big box stores). Either way, the buck stops here.

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