Saturday, July 02, 2005

Storm Chasing and Mallo Cups

We had 3 pretty freak storms here last night, severe lightning and floods. The streets were all flooded, the thruway had to close the 2 local exits, 26, 27 due to the road being 4 feet under water and mud. I watched it all from my house, but wanted to explore more.
Brian came home from work at 7:30, so I jumped in my car and did what I haven't done since I lived in the country, I went to check out damage and look for the other storm rolling in. There were streets closed, city kids running in the rivers of water in the streets, and all was calm and peaceful. Except for DPW workers, there were not any cars on the road. I stopped at Stewarts for milk ( and the Mallo Cup called my name) and it was dead in there too. When I used to live on the farm, my dad would gather us up and we would go for rides looking at storm damage. I am not sure if that's messed up or not, but it was fun to get out after the storm and ride around in that old farm pick up ( the one without all the floor boards). I am not a person that goes to fires, to me, thats morbid, but I do like to see what mother nature has been up to.
FYI, if you do this, check to see how close the next round of storms is. As I was pulling up to my house, the sky opened up and poured. I had all I could do to run into my house. The pregnant version of a wet t-shirt contest isn't pretty, either.

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