Monday, January 16, 2006

No Carrot Left Behind

This weekend was a blur of cleaning, vacuuming, and cooking! I had a bunch of odds and ends left over in the fridge, so couple that with my interest of taking care of our money, and I turned scraps into dinners! Also add to this the fact that my Magic Bullet has arrived. Can you believe it? I purchased something from an infomercial. Well.......actually, new in box half price from eBay. So, this is what I accomplished today:
  • Threw the parm in the MB, now have fresh parm for pasta this week
  • threw banannas and formula into MB, had lunch for Ava ( she loved it, kicked her little feet the entire time she was eating)
  • Threw eggs, mayo, salt, celery salt and fresh ground balck pepper into it and made egg salad sandwiches for lunch, with left overs for the week
  • Took the left over carrots from making stew last night and sliced them up for dinner on Thursday with the turkey.
  • cooked up the left over bacon, crumbled it up and put it into a Quiche to sever tomorrow ( it's wrapped up tight in the fridge as we speak)
  • made home made bread and used the left over potato buds in it to make Irish potato bread ( served it tonight with corned beef and kraut, and it rocked the house).
  • made the corned beef in the crock pot with left overs for corned beef sandwiches later this week. ( will use the left over Russian dressing and make Rubens)
  • used up the left over chocolate and butterscotch chips from Christmas baking and made 4 dozen cookies.

I now have no scraps of this and that left and entire dinners for later this week. How cool is that? And the house smelled so yummy.......

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J.P. said...

I got a Magic Bullet a couple of months ago and I love mine! I use it all the time.