Monday, June 20, 2005

Swan Lake

I know I brag about my girls a she goes again! Miranda saw a commercial on PBS for Swan Lake on Great Performances. She insisted we watch it tonight. As she narrated the ballet to me and told me who was who and what was happening, I was in awe of her. She knows the plot and can interpret a ballet???????? I can't walk across the room without stumbling. Anyways, she tells me she wants to teach art ( she has said this more than once), but she would like to dance, too. "Oh, how can I do both??" ( mind you her senior year of high school in some 10 years away). The she says " I know! I can teach art during the day and run an after school program where I teach dance."

I am not about to tell her this sounds ambitious. With this spirited little girl, always on the go and always into creative things, she could pull this off. I believe in you little Peeper. I love your dreams. Let them take you places in life. Don't ever stop dreaming.

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