Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Girls

More than anything, I want my girls to grow up being humane to all creatures great and small, and to realize that there are people in the world that need our help. I want them to see how much we have and how important it is to share our time, energy, and money with others. I think, I just think, I may be on track!
On Brian's birthday, we met him at work to take him out to dinner. There was a moth in his building fluttering around. Miranda caught it, and decided to free it. We had to actually take it outside and free it. Anna said " He'll be with his family." From someone that opens windows to let out bugs instead of killing them, this made me feel good.
Just this week, we got mail from the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. Miranda and I had previously volunteered there and she is forever trying to get us to go back. Unfortunately, with a move, new job, and baby on the way that is not really possible. Anyways, they included an envelope that you could send in a donation. On it it says that just a $10 dollar donation can provide dinner for the families staying at the house. Miranda brought it to me and said " So we can send them help." God bless that kid. She gets it. She gets that sick kids are one of the things that I have a hard time not thinking about. I was teary eyed the entire time we were at the Ronald McDonald House, counting my blessings, but feeling for the families staying there.
So, I will continue doing what I am doing. I am raising girls that will be able to go out into the world and be compassionate to others, even moths.

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