Monday, July 17, 2006

Sink Hole~ July 4, 2006 Posted by Picasa It actually looks worse in real life! While the girls were doing their slip and slide on teh fourth, Miranda says, casually, " There's a big hole over here mom." I take off running to see and as I am running to see this hole, I of course sink into the earth up to my knee into a new sink hole. All I could think of as I was going down was " Not now, not in these shoes." I had on new and very cute sequined butterfly flip flops. I sunk to my knee and left the above foot print in my lawn. Turns out the village removed a old well from my property before we bought the house last year and the dirt they packed in must have started to erode back to the leechfield. The village came to my house to see the sink hole and they filled in the hole with dirt. I was hoping they would dig it up, place in some heavy fill and much more dirt. I am really waiting for the lawn to sink again! I had all the neighborhood kids at the hole looking to see where Mrs. D sank into the lawn. I was cool for a day! Too bad my flip flops will never be the same.

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