Monday, July 17, 2006

Blew Out a Flip Flop

You can see from my photos I have really been enjoying summer. It's my first summer in three years not taking classes and because I opted to get paid all year ( I work in a school), I am actually having the summer off and getting paid! Of course I love my job, love the kids, and really love this school system, having the summer off is just what I needed. My job is stressful, as I am a high school counselor, so I needed to get back to my fun self for a few months.
We have already done so much this summer: Camp, swimming daily, Enchanted Forest, road trips north, Delta Lake, a new slip and slide, our awesome 4th of July party with live music and fireworks, etc....And you know it's a good summer when you blow out a flip flop. Besides my flip flop that went down the sink hole ( see sink hole story), while frolicking at Enchanted Forest, I watched another pair of flops bite the dust. Oh, and I went down "Shadow" with my brave daughter ( that's the big green one you see from the road). I am renaming her "Thrill Seeker." A good time is being had by all. I just need to stock up on flip flops!

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LoisLane said...

Did you step on a pop top? ;)
We need to get together soon - it's been too long!