Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life is a Cabaret

I went to my school last night to see our students in their yearly Cabaret. Let me first say that it was really good. I was impressed with the many numbers stage band did, as they accompanied the enitre thing. Costuming was good, and the dance moves were surprisingly alright. As I sat there and watched, however, I was transported back to my days in high school performing arts. I sat there realizing how much I miss music and theatre being a part of my life.
I came very close to being the play director this spring, as my school didn't have one. I have kicked around the idea of doing it next year and the idea both excites me, and scares me just a little. It's been a loooong time since I built a set, and outside of lighting for television ( college), I have not lit a stage for a play. I really think I could do it, and I know I would love to do it. Who knows, maybe next year will be my return to drama. The play is the thing!

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J.P. said...

Dana - I'll help you with the play next year if you want assistance. I've done a little bit of the same myself.... But if you decide to go for it - I'll totally help you out on the fun.