Thursday, February 23, 2006

Signs of Spring

Yesterday I had the best day with my girls. It appears we are the only ones in the entire town that didn't go to Florida this year ( or Maui, or Hawaii, or Colorado, destinations of students I work with). The good side of this is that things are pretty quiet around here. LOL.....things are always quiet here......
So, our day started with a promised trip to the Disney Store, or The Mothership, as I like to call it. I owed my girls a treat. Miranda had a fabulous report card, and Anna had worked on her toileting hygiene (sp). We spent a good chunk of time there, and at Limited too, and lunched at Friendly's The mall was surprisingly quiet. I expected to find the rest of my town there. The first sign of Spring in the air were really cute hot pink toe thong sandels at Payless. And little beach bags, and flip flops. A girl could really get excited!
After we played with the new Disney toys for a while, my girls wanted to go out side and play. It was 3pm, but I noticed very warm out and still very light. Hmmmmm.......light out later in the day. Hurray! A Mary Tyler Moore jump in the air moment.
We hit the playground at Miranda's school like a pack of monkeys. From accross the empty field I saw it for the first time. A zip line. Miranda's new playground at school has a zip line. This was information I didn't possess. Before I could think, I hit the ground running. I figured I needed momentum to make the thing zip. Actually, it was lubed up a little too well. My feet left the ground and boy did I zip! Before I could abandon ship the thing came to an abrupt end at the end of the line and I was thrown off. Note to self, skip the running start next time. We played hard and before I noticed it must be after 4pm, but the sun was still pretty high and the air warm. Ava snoozed in the stroller and the girls kept on playing. The shadows in the sun on the playground reminded me that Spring was really around the corner. On the way home, the last beautiful reminder. Water rushing down the road in the ditch. Water rushing means water melting. What a joyous day. Now, if only my back didn't hurt so much from that zip line.

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