Saturday, February 11, 2006

Embrace the Day!

What a beautiful day in central NY. It's actually been kind of gloomy with the warm temps and no snow. Call me crazy, but I like the snow. It snowed a little last night, beautiful, fluffy flakes. It was the kind of snow you looked up into and almost got dizzy. So today has dawned sunny, frosty, and bright.
Today brings a trip back to where we used to live to attend Mardi Gras at Miranda's old school. Just her and I will be making the drive, and I am looking forward to this. While I was on maternity leave, the baby and Anna and I spent a lot of time together. Miranda and I need a girls night out, just the two of us.
So embrace the day! Exercise, eat healthy, take care of yourself, and hold your loved ones close.

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