Wednesday, January 02, 2013


On the eve of Anna's birthday, I have to stop and think. What time. What time was she born? Think Dana, what time? 4:11 am. What kind of mom can't remember that? An adoptive mom who wasn't there. I have read the medical notes a million times. I have seen it on her birth certificate. I have even posted it in her life book. But I wasn't there and can't for the life of me remember what I was doing on January 3, 2002. It was before facebook and my blog, so I have no record, and it bothers me. I can remember what I was doing January 2, 2004. Anna moved into to our house, on her 2nd birthday. Her birthday was her Gotcha! day only I didn't know it. I knew she was adorable, I knew her life was chaos, I knew she needed support, structure, love, and patience, but I didn't know we would go on to later be able to adopt her. I knew it was her birthday and we had presents, and cake, and were so excited. We bought her a hobby horse, clothes, a stuffed doggie, to name just a few things. I remember what she was wearing, what we ate for dinner. I remember that day. She has grown so fast, 9 birthdays to be exact. I remember all of them and I look forward to each and everyone of them! Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

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