Wednesday, January 30, 2008

High School Never Ends

I have been in a funk lately. It usually happens this time of year. I don't have a window in my office, and when kids are crazy, I don't get out of my office. When I don't get out of my office, I don't get sun. It's seasonal affective disorder. I have self diagnosed. So today, I was in a rare mood. I did announcements this am ( don't's full circle I tell ya. Senior year, Mt. Markham, morning announcements. 2008, many moons later, morning announcements. It's almost comical). From there, another co-worker and I decided to use SAT caliber words. I think I trumped her with the word illbegotten, used in context. Next, I answered my office phone ( it was a teacher call) in Francais......Bon jour, ici Dana, et vous? He was very confused. I am still laughing.
Sometimes my job is very serious ( suicidal kids, kids that cut, families in crisis), so sometimes it is just fun to be silly and make others and myself laugh.

Au Revior!

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Anonymous said...

Je comprends aussi! Je dit: "merci...porquoi...ici!"

Ok, that's all I can remember for now. :)

I have a delicious window! sorry they didn't go for the fung shui approach to counceling at your school. Come to think of it, our counselor doesn't have a window either.

Maybe this is to keep frustrated counselors from defenestrating their students. (SAT word, comin' right back at you)! Use your French and you'll figure it out!