Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am entering week 7 on Weight Wathcers, and although I have not said much about it, I am doing well. I couldn't go to my meeting last night, the weather was bad, but as of the previous week I had lost 9.8 pounds. 10 pounds is typically a size and I am reaching the point where people have started to notice. WW's calls this a Non Scale Victory, or NSV, positive things that happen that aren't tied to a number on the scale. Here are mine:

Last Friday was jeans day at work, so I paid my $5.00 ( CMN fund raiser) and wore mine. I know they are getting loose, but I wasn't sure that it was obvious. A co-worker who didn't know I was on WW said " You have lost weight, you look great." Made my day!

Sandi, who lost sizes last year had given me a stack of her old clothes. At the end of summer none of them fit yet. Currently, I can wear a pair of red jeans that now fit, and I just tried on a stack of capri's and shorts she gave me and voila! They all fit!!!! Even after my active summer of biking, walks, and swimming, they did not yet fit. They all fit now!!!!!!! I just put together a ton of outfits for Florida based on my windfall of new to me clothes ( Thanks Sandi!)

I had promised myself a reward after my first ten pounds. In the past, when I have done weight loss, my rewards have always been food based. I had decided this time around to make my rewards non-food based. This way, I wasn't making myself feel like I had to wait for special occassions to eat certain foods. I picked my new sandals as my reward, and I was fine with the fact that they weren't cheesecake!

Finally, I am motivated, and I continue to journal, exercise, and stick to the plan.

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