Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Kranks

Have you seen the movie "Christmas With the Kranks"? Jamie Lee Curtis is in it ( I LOVE her) with Tim Allen. Her and her husband decide, when faced with the fact that their daughter will be out of the country, to skip Christmas and spend the money on a cruise. Ya know, it sounds like a fabulous idea! From Thanksgiving to now I have done nothing but plan for Christmas. Order and shop for gifts, decorate, photos of the girls with santa, plan and make the Christmas dinner, clean the house top to bottom, remember to get co-worker gifts, bake 4 different types of cookies for cookie trays for the neighbors, donate to charities, enough! I think someday, when the magic of santa has passed, I am all about leaving the decorations in the attic, grabbing my bikini and going on a cruise for Christmas. Just call me Ms. Krank, I guess, but I would love Christmas in the lands where palm trees sway. Let's see, Ava will believe in Santa for maybe 8-9 years, so Bermuda 2013!

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